Entourage players among huge turnout at Supras Basketball, Pro-Am SBL tryouts

Basketball season is ramping up in Singapore as the haze continues to be a serious hindrance to all outdoor activities in the Country. Due to league planning issues, Entourage Bball Inc. has not yet been able to compete, but the new season is slated to begin in October.

Meanwhile Singapore’s newest (and toughest) league, the Pro-AM SBL starts early December and teams are already preparing. The Singapore Supras, quarterfinalists last season, held open tryouts at the OCBC Arena this week and the turnout was… stupendous. Over 40 local and expat players showed up, hoping to impress new Supras (and former Entourage) coach Sergei.

S'pore Supras tryout Sep 23rdBasketball booming in S’pore? Here’s some proof. (from Singapore Supras FB-page)

SBL will only feature 11 teams this year, down two from the 2014/2015 season, so players from now defunct teams like Fastbreak, Exclusive Fitness and IFS were at OCBC fighting for roster spots. They were joined by Supras Veterans such as Kyle, Jamond, Jemell, Dave, Alex and Brandon: Alex and Dave also having the distinction of being on Entourage Bball Inc’s roster for this year’s Jammers league season.

An unenviable task awaits Supras manager Ben and his coach, the team can only have 20 players on it’s roster, and the videos below demonstrate clearly how much cutting will need to be done.

(Clips from Timotius Lamar’s Youtube channel)