WWP (Where We Play) #2: Block 38, Cambridge Road

The second entry into the players’ favourite courts around Singapore is brought to you by the team’s veteran and site administrator.

Dave, G/F
Dave: ballin'

Block 38, Cambridge Road

Why Play here?
“It’s a 10 min bike ride from home. Nestled in a residential neighbourhood with greenery (and the CTE) close by. Teammate Tolga told me about this court and it has become my main shootaround spot.”


  • Good regulation height rims
  • Lighting on till 10 pm, 7 days a week
  • Foodpark and Supermarket across the street
  • Quiet during the day
  • Full-court games from 6pm on
  • Friendly players, fastbreaking style bball


  • Dusty concrete surface, punishing on shoes and balls
  • Nets tear regularly (players improvise and fix with clips though)
  • Large player groups, playing full-court: hard to use 1 basket at peak times
  • Dog droppings on the edges of the court/fence at times