Stuttering offense to blame for 2nd consecutive loss?

Jammers International Weekend League, SE12
Game 4, 16.01.16


In a bit of a rut after only scoring 36 points against Jammers Team in Game 3, the boys in black & green could not shake their current offensive woes and put up 38 points against a beatable IFS Vikings squad.

IFS welcomed back french center JB, a former Entourage big man, and he managed to make drives to the basket very difficult for his former teammates. A low field goal percentage and bad transition defense did not help matters any further.

When asked about reasons for the loss, here’s what some of the Entourage Bball players had to say:

Evan, PG and team CaptainEvan drive“Not enough production from our bench. Youngsters need to step up when on-court. Absence of coach also messed up our 4th qtr rotation.”

Ronnie, SG, allrounderRonnie“I played my most aggressive game of the season so far, made a few shots. Passing was off team-wide. A few more practices and we’ll be fine.”

Sébastien, PF, footwork maestroDSC06078“Felt good playing only a few days after returning from illness. Team is currently out of sync and i echo Evan in saying the 2nd unit was lacking this game.”

Daniel, C, young big
“I felt our ball movement was bad, too many turnovers; some by me. Was a nice battle against their big man, held my own defensively.”

Injuries and absences no longer count next week when Entourage Bball Inc. sees the return of roster mainstays Tolga, Tony and player/coach Dave. Newcomers Gerry, Anthony and CJ will complement the team.

Wednesday’s practice at CCAB, Evans Road promises to be an engaging affair as the team prepares for their next game January 30th against MDIS.