Blowout win ends 2-game losing streak

Jammers Int. Weekend League, SE12
Game 5, 30.01.16
UWC Dover Campus


The defending champs were coming off a rough two game stretch, bad losses to Jammers and IFS saw Entourage Bball Inc’s record at 2-2. Early season injuries and absences meant the full roster never quite got to gel and it showed in both games; scoring was abysmal.

Cue an intense practice session last Wednesday where player/coach Dave, in his own words, “ripped everyone a new one.”
These 1 hour Skills&Drills training units have become something of a trademark of the team, a tradition implemented last season during the championship run. Wednesday was physical, loud and more intense than the usual fare. Two-thirds of the roster were present, a good opportunity to get back on track as a team.

Game 5 of the regular season was against an unknown club; MDIS had never played in the Jammers International Weekend League before. Entourage Bball could only count on 8 players for the game, illness hitting the backcourt especially hard. Yet the black & green displayed focus and determination in holding their young but undersized opponents to 2 points in the opening quarter.

Defense was to become the foundation for a dominant performance, the man-to-man D swarming all over MDIS players, cutting of passing and driving lanes, generally being a pest. A steady diet of low post scoring by big Tony, backup Center Daniel, Sébastien and a rejuvenated Alex kept Entourage in the lead; the second quarter score was 22:8.

Terence, starting at Point Guard due to illness of usual starter Evan, did a commendable job filling in. Repeatedly running the break, and getting to the basket with his dribble penetration skills. He was backed up on ball-handling duties by the double D’s: Dave J and player/coach, Dave O.

Entourage Bball vs MDIS 57:29 Jan 30 2016
Game 5 statsheet

With the game practically over at halftime (31:10), the players settled into a routine, using the increased playing time to work on team strategy. The game became quite enjoyable, even comedic at times with teamates yapping at each other, some tempers flaring amongst friends and a badly missed breakaway layup by a certain hardass coach causing embarassment to him (and generating snickering from the Entourage bench).

Amongst all the amusement, some inspired moments of Basketball were shown. DJ successfully running an impromptu out-of-bounds play with his namesake, Daniel dropping a pretty jumphook in an isolation post-play, Tolga and Sébastien running the fastbreak and showing their versatility, Alex getting to the rim at will, etc.

With the Chinese New Year holiday coming up, no games are scheduled for the next two weeks. The main challenge for the team now becomes staying ready for their upcoming game against Jammers. Entourage lost to the league team by 8 points in Game 3, a motivating factor, if there ever was one, to avenge the loss on February 13th.

Performance rating

Backcourt dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Confident game by Tery and DJ. Ran the offense, limited opposing guard’s breathing space. Tery pushed the pace well, good transition play. Some sloppy passing still, especially entrance passes into the post. DJ becoming more confident on the squad.
Standout players: Terence, Dave J

Frontcourt dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Strong performances by Tony, Séb, Tolga and Daniel. Total rebound domination on both ends, unselfish inside passing and good shot contesting. Some trouble on pick & roll defense, more communication with guards needed. Reliable scoring by the bigs all game long
Standout players: Tony, Sébastien

Overall dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Great defensive game, average offensive output. Physically overmatched opponent didn’t have outside shooting threats, lived off mid-range jumpers. Must-win game by the black & green; no cause for overconfidence.
Standout player: Tony