It’s playoff time!

Six months is a long time to play a 10 game regular season, yet we finally made it; the Jammers Weekend League (SE12) playoffs are here.
Entourage Basketball Inc. was stated as the regular season champs, according to the league standings in early April:

League standings: 09.04.16

Yet by last week, two teams had magically had a loss erased and had identical records to Entourage Bball:

League standings 19.04.16: Jammers & IFS now with a loss less

Inquiries at the under-performing (no league standings posted for 4+ months), and for the last 2 seasons, lackluster-to-disastrous league management did not result in any explanation for the sudden change in standings, stat-sheet scans provided did show that the teams with ‘varying’ standings had only 3 losses each, but the sour taste lingers.

Now we have a repeat of the 2015 (SE10) playoffs, a game which IFS won by 8 points and in which Entourage only had 7 players available. Rest assured, today’s squad is going to do it’s best to get to the 2nd consecutive finals.
The defending champs are ready and highly motivated.

IFS logo
TEAM LOGO - pngSaturday, April 23rd
4.15 pm
United World College, Dover Road