Season delayed!

The bad news was relayed to team Entourage before the squad’s 6th preseason practice last Thursday; Crossover League’s second season would not as expected begin this month.

League management was quick to inform all 11 teams of the circumstances concerning the delay, circumstances that were beyond their power to anticipate. ActiveSG, Singapore Sports Councils’ practical portal for booking facilities and courts allover the country made a sudden decision to stop letting private leagues book gyms.
Apparently some leagues and teams were not abiding by the rules and regulations of ActiveSG, resulting in the council taking this drastic step.

The actions of a few ruining the enjoyment for the many.

The league venue for Crossover League’s premier season, Queensway Secondary school, is one of the now blocked locations. Ever the resourceful  crew, the league organisers have pivoted away from using the now unavailable facilities and are negotiating the use of other private gyms. They hope to have their second season running by August.

E.B.I. coach JJ and the management welcome the chance to build on team chemistry, and have extended their pre-season practice sessions until August 11th, adding friendly matches against various teams into the mix.

Keep checking for further news of the team’s season preparations.