EntourageBBall Inc. presents: Sneaker-Lore

Sneaker-Lore 2016

High tops.

The one indispensable tool in every ballplayer’s possession is their footwear. No matter how many head/wristbands, compression tights and leggings, variations of socks and other accessories you wear, to bring out the best in your game, you need good footwear. Great even….

According to the net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site, Weartesters.com, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. (my rapidly emptying wallet would agree…)
Sneaker-Lore, our new series, will introduce the current EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choice in high, low or flat-out insane tops.

Point Guard extraordinaire, Chi aka ‘Buzz’, starts us off:
Chi passes.jpg
With E.B.I. since: Late 2015
#: 88
Play style: Small Forward in a Guard’s body
Pro Mirror image: Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)

His kicks:Chi's Bron 12 Elite

Famous endorsers:  Umm, this guy?

Finally a detailed performance review of Chi’s kicks, compiled by Schwollo.com, a blogger with a comprehensive and interesting review style.
More Sneaker-Lore entries to follow.