E.B.I. defeat Proform in rematch

Friendly game (playoff prep)
10/11/16, 8.15 pm

Entourage Basketball Inc vs Proform SN Eaglez: 58 – 50

Team E.B.I. had a chance to play ProAm – SBL team, Proform SN Eaglez for the second time in a month, the first meeting between both teams being an entertaining game on the offensive end.

E.B.I. ball movement

The rematch progressed at a much slower pace as both teams couldn’t count on their complete rosters. EntourageBBall led from start to finish, laying the foundation for the victory in the first quarter, which they won 11:5.

It was a physical but fair contest between the teams, with Proform leader, Noel Pollock immediately asking for a 3rd game as soon as possible.
The men in green and black have their sights set on the Crossover League playoffs, starting November 19th. Their opponent for the quarterfinals will soon be known and the players are keen to get to the knockout stage of the season after an impeccable regular season.

Final result