Sneaker-Lore IV: Mike

According to the net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site,, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. Sneaker-Lore, our new series, introduces the current EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choices in high, low (or flat-out insane) tops.

Fourth on the List, E.B.I. rookie MikeM, one of five players sporting the 2016 Nike Hyperdunk! (future sponsorship perhaps, Swooshies?)

With E.B.I: July 2016-September 2018
#: 13
Play style: Low post and rebounding machine in a Guard’s frame
Pro mirror image: Avery Bradley crossed with prime Charles Barkley


His kicks:

Notable NBA wearers:
The Gasol brothers, ‘Big KAT’ Towns, Kevin Love, CJ McCollum, Aaron Gordon & Paul George (low version) and many more.
As an avid Hyperdunk fan myself, i concur with this review of the HD ’16; spot-on analysis.