Sneaker-Lore V: Jerel

According to the net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site,, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. Sneaker-Lore, our new series, introduces the current EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choices in high, low (or flat-out insane) tops.

Our fifth entry is Jerel, our newest teammate and 2015 SBL-ProAM champion with the Falcons. Given the dominance of Nike shoes so far on Sneaker-Lore, it’s time for some diversity.

With E.B.I. since: September 2016
#: 6
Play style: Speedy scoring guard with a nice stroke
Pro mirror image: Paul George (Indiana Pacers)picsart_10-29-12-16-05

His kicks:jerel-wow-4-li-ning.jpg.jpg

Notable endorsers: Dwyane the legend

Li-Ning, huh? Interesting choice, perhaps this video review by the KickGenius crew can reveal all the secrets of the former Miami Heat superstar’s 2015 signature model