New season, brand new challenges

Humming along like a well-oiled machine Crossover League is primed to enter it’s fourth season with a bigger than ever field. Twelve teams, including four newcomers, will compete for the title.

Two-time champions Entourage Basketball Inc. have been back in practice the last few weeks in anticipation of the upcoming Crossover League (SE4). Boasting a near-identical roster that dominated on the way to a 13-1 record and  repeat title last season, E.B.I’s weekend squad knows to expect another interesting season in Singapore’s premier amateur league.

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The expansion from 8 to 12 teams translates to new players, tactics and scenarios for the men in green and black to face.

Crossover League’s biggest selection of teams yet features:
Returning SE2 & 3 teams:
Light’s Out
Kaplan Knights
Red Leon
Avg Joes

New challengers:
Grandeur Eagles
Eng Yew

It is too early to speculate on the quality of each team, seeing as premature cancellation of the ProAm-SBL league last year led to talented players looking to join established teams in the country’s few remaining commercial leagues. Yet team E.B.I. expects at least one new team to be among the season’s strongest: Proform.
Manager Noel Pollock’s team has played numerous friendly games against the champs since 2016, each one close and the quality of the Proform players, augmented by their strong Juniors program, speaks for itself.

EntourageBBall Inc. can again count on a full 15-man roster, continuity being one of the team’s strengths. Making a comeback of sorts will be athletic forward Sèbastien after missing all of last season due to illness.

Sèb in action during SE2

If his performances in practice are any indication, he hasn’t lost much of a step and will figure well into the coaches’ plans going forward.

Interest by new players to join the team is high, certain players are still being evaluated during preseason, but as club manager Dave points out, this squad is unique and plans to do all it can to stay that way:
” There are three 40+ year old players still contributing on this team, multiple other guys with decades of organised Basketball under their belt and even the younger guys have been with E.B.I for years.
We have accountability, mutual respect and some close friendships on the weekend league squad: it is in a way, an exclusive group.
As long as our core squad is healthy and willing to ball, new players will have a hell of a time cracking our rotation.
Our methodology works, a deep team of experienced guys who also happen to be team-oriented players, showing up for regular practice then figuring out ways to win in games.
E.B.I. had the best offense AND defense in the league last season, won our second straight championship against an opponent put together to specifically beat us and we had fun doing all of it. We’re ready to improve upon that.”

Crossover League
Game 1
E.B.I vs Kaplan Knights
Sat, July 29th @ SUTD
2.45 PM