Back to winning ways

Entourage Basketball Inc vs M.S.H Griffins 60-32

Crossover League (SE4)
Game 3
Aug 12, @ SUTD Sports complex

The weekend squad bounces back from a frustrating loss to defeat league newcomers M.S.H. Utilising an unconventional Quad-Towers lineup, E.B.I was able to compensate for the lack of a traditional ball handler to pound the ball inside to the imposing frontcourt.

Newest teammate in action: Josh, rebounding

Big men Jean Baptiste, Tolga, Sebastien and Alex controlled the boards, and scored in the paint. Shooting Guard Terence had a standout game, converting 4 three-pointers and shouldering the ball-handling load with off-guards Lester and Sinan.
Forwards Dave and newcomer Josh, balanced out the 8-man rotation, with timely scoring and hustle.

A thorough clampdown on defense paved the way for the 28-point drubbing.
Next up is the young Eng Yew team (0-3), one of the 4 new teams competing this Crossover League season.