Sneaker-Lore VIII: Tolga

According to the net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site,, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. Sneaker-Lore, our new series, introduces the current EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choices in high, low (or flat-out insane) tops.

Tolga aka PartyBoiii, one of the longest serving veterans on the team, is the eigth entry of Sneaker-Lore. Another Adidas wearer, the wiry power forward played the majority of 2016 in his trusty (and well preserved) three stripes kicks.

With E.B.I: 2009-2018
#: 42
Play style: Athletic, defensive-minded big with smooth jumphook
Pro mirror image: A (much) quieter Kevin Garnett

His kicks:

Notable endorsers: Google-Fu research does not turn up any professional players currently wearing this 2013 model.

Weartesters reviewed this model a while back, check out their summary to see why Tolga still sports them.