Sneaker-Lore XI: Alejandro

According to the net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site,, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. Sneaker-Lore, our ongoing series, introduces the current EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choices in high, low (or flat-out insane) tops.

It’s time.
After a long break, E.B.I’s Sneaker-Lore is back in full force, introducing Alejandro aka “Andro”. The tricky Point Guard was vital in securing the team’s second Crossover League title back in December 2016. A master of absorbing contact while driving hard to the hoop, Dro also has a keen eye for the extra pass.

With E.B.I. since: 2016
#: 30
Play style: Score-first guard with playmaking ability. Student of the game
Pro mirror image: Young Tony Parker mixed with some Mike Conley20170527_GameII_79

His kicks:Andro - Sneakerlore

Notable endorsers: The Kobe 11 Elite low was officially the last on-court model worn by the Mamba. A TON of pro players sported this model.

Weartesters Guru NYJumpman23 aka Stan Tse reviewed this model a while back, check out his summary to see why Andro prefers them. (Fitting really, him wearing the XI while being the 11th entry in Sneaker-Lore.)