Blitzcap: Playoff quarterfinals

Crossover Basketball League (SE4)
Playoffs Round 1 – Quarterfinals
Sat. 18.11.17
@ SUTD sports complex

Entourage Basketball Inc vs. Kaplan Knights 70 – 46

Prior to their 1st round playoff match against Kaplan Knights, E.B.I players were on hand to witness the biggest upset win of the season,
Red Leon (5-6 record) eliminated highly favorited first place team, Proform (10-1) and qualified for the Final Four.

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Determined not to be the next victims of a surprise loss, the EntourageBBall Inc players pounced on 7th seed Kaplan Knights. A full 12-man roster was a nice luxury for player-coach Dave to have at his disposal as the balanced play continued, no matter which five players were on the court.

The reigning champs relied on their league-leading defense to breeze to a fairly straightforward victory, thus qualifying for their third consecutive Crossover League playoff semifinals.
Team Average Joes (10-1) will be the final four opponent, the only team to have defeated E.B.I this season.

Pictures courtesy of Crossover League’s Shek Wong. (Click thumbnails to enlarge)