Preseason 2018… gaining steam

EntourageBBall Inc vs. Supras 63 – 35

With the disappointing loss of the SUTD courts delaying Cross-Over league’s fifth season, three-time champions E.B.I played a pair of preseason games instead. Goal: integrating a pair of new players as well as regaining match experience.
The first game against Eng Yew Basketball, an opponent last season, was a decisive 65 – 34 victory.

4 days later, the Singapore Supras were the opponent. Two years removed from an unbeaten, championship winning season in the now defunct SBL-ProAm league, the Supras could only muster a 7-man squad to face a full, 12-man EntourageBBall Inc.

Playing in their practice gear for the 2nd straight preseason game, coach Javier”s team handled their business on the defensive end on their way to the 18-point win.

Chi no-look
Chi with the no-look pass

Vets like Chi and Jerel controlled the flow…..

Rel for 3
Fumble to a 3

…while the Champs showed flashes of the teamwork that defined the three-peat title wins.

Great Transition execution
Great transition execution

Newcomers Raf and Andre continued their seamless transition into the team.

Raf finishes
Raf with the tough finish

Cross-Over League Season 5 is scheduled to start next Saturday, March 3rd. More teams, new format and a new location.

EntourageBBall Inc is eager to launch.


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