Cross-Over League’s 5th season starts today

Scheduled to begin by mid-February, Cross-Over League (SE5) had to be postponed until a new location for the growing competition could be found. After playing a year at the Singapore University for Technology and Design, League organisers were surprised to be ousted from that Sports complex earlier this year.
The search for a new facility proved difficult, indoor sports halls are a premium on the small island state of Singapore, and sports organisations clamour to gain access.

Three-time league champions, Entourage Basketball Inc., continued preparations for a possible timely league start. Preseason began January 18th and the team has been running increasingly intense sessions since then. Two preaseason matches, both wins, against Team Eng Yew and The Supras, seem to show a rising performance level.
Champs celebrating the ThreePeat last December

Club leadership was already on the verge of reaching out to new leagues to keep the competitive hunger of the playes sated when some good news finally popped up: Cross-Over League management had secured a new venue!
The first four games of the 10-game regular season will be held at the Singapore Basketball Centre, a great facility well known amongst all E.B.I players. The defunct Pro-Am SBL League held games there and Singapore’s myriad local-focused leagues, including the NBL run games at the SBC.

This buys the league organisers about 4 weeks to lock down a long-term venue for the remainder of the season and beyond.
Boasting it’s biggest selection of teams yet, 14 teams compared to last season’s 12, Cross-Over League has now introduced a Divisional structure, aimed at more parity between the teams and more thrilling games. The playoffs of Division 1 feature only 4 out of the 8 teams and the last two teams of the Division get relegated to the weaker second division.
Three-Peat champs E.B.I can still be considered one of the championship favorites in a field of teams featuring strong opponents like Proform Basketball, Average Joes and last season’s finalists, Monstars. Newcomers Lion City Basketball will surely be out to prove their worth in the stronger division as well.

E.B.I returns with the proven 16-man roster, losing mainstay forward Sebastien but adding some firepower in guard Andre and Forwards Raf and Chris, 3 players who have convinced new head-coach Javier of their Basketball qualities during the preseason.

Cross-Over League Season 5
Game 1
E.B.I vs Avg Joes
Sunday, 04/03/17
3.30 PM
Singapore Basketball Centre