Status quo: Spring 2018

Entourage Basketball Inc. teams surging

E.B.I-Midweek team (6-0 record)
Confirming that their hot start to the FastBreak League season was no fluke, the midweek squad has rattled off their longest-ever win streak while securing the top seed for the playoffs.

JB snags the board

The rejuvenated squad has been consistently strong on offense while closing out games with a combination of experience and strong defense.

Eye-opening wins against last season’s champions, Team Schoolers and the finalists, Iguanas, demonstrate the improved ability to secure victories.

Leading the team in scoring, guard Terrence has been on a tear while newcomer Brad and team leader Robert have been amongst league leaders in Field goal and Three-Point percentages all season long. The streak has been all the more impressive given that team center and perennial All-League selection player, Jean Baptiste, has been sidelined for weeks with a foot injury.

Due to the short duration of this FastBreak league season, just 7 regular season games, EntourageBBall-Midweek has already secured the first seed for the upcoming playoffs. The final regular season game is tomorrow against the young FastBreak-Black squad.

E.B.I-Weekend team (3-1 record)

The video above displays a typical example of the three-time Cross-Over League champs current form. Sluggish starts followed by emphatic finishes.
With scoring down across the board in Division 1 of Crossover League, E.B.I. players tend to blame the SBC courts at Aljunied for this, the reigning champions are adjusting to a more balanced field of opponents.

Opening up the season with a 19-point win over pesky rivals Average Joes was immediately followed by  an avoidable 6-point loss to league newcomers, LioncityBBall. Game Three was the showdown against a struggling, but always dangerous Proform team which E.B.I won 59-56. This matchup was equally close last season, with both teams knowing each other very well from previous games and friendly matches.

Player-coach Javier has had to deal with a top-heavy rotation full of scoring guards and small forwards to start this season. Leading to certain players having to adjust their games on a weekly basis, depending on roster availability.

Luckily the team structure is rock solid and the strategy is proven, which was showcased during last Saturday’s victory over a hard-charging JustCo team. Boasting a 3-1 record at the time, EntourageBBall’s opponents had defeated last season’s finalists, Monstars, convincingly and handed Proform a surprising loss after that: both great results.
E.B.I was finally able to field a balanced squad, newcomers Aitor (PG) and Raf (PF) were able to put their imprint on the game as it progressed. Ballhandler Aitor was especially effective after a nervous first game against Proform a week earlier. He controlled the pace and was pesky on defense.

JustCo was dispatched in the fourth quarter, EntourageBBall’s deep bench and better spacing saved the day and blew the close game wide open midway through the final quarter. With flashes of last season’s dominance starting to show, the men-in-green are primed for the finals rematch this week against the Monstars. The second place team last season have recovered from a slow start, culminating in a 16-point drubbing of a slumping Proform team two weeks ago.

This might be the strongest group of teams Cross-Over league has ever fielded, hints of improved tactics, strong recruiting and in-game adjustments are apparent on multiple squads: all hallmarks of what E.B.I has been known for the last few years.
Competion never sleeps; time to adapt.

This week’s games:
FastBreak Men’s League
Fastbreak Black (2-3) vs E.B.I. Wednesday, April 11th @ UWC-East Tampines. 8.15pm

Cross-Over League (SE5)
E.B.I vs Monstars (3-2). Saturday, April 14th @ SBC-Aljunied. 12.45pm