E.B.I Midweek-team secures top spot for FastBreak League Playoffs.

The Entourage Basketball Inc. Midweek-team has outdone itself, finishing the current FastBreak Men’s League regular season at the top of the standings, while remaining unbeaten.

FB league Spring 2018 Tabelle - April
FastBreak League standings: April 12

Last night’s 72 – 57 victory against team Fastbreak-Black secured the squad’s first undefeated regular season (the 3rd in Club history) and guarantees E.B.I the top seed in the upcoming Playoffs.Fantastic development by the team that finished with a 2-11 record just a year ago. Congratulations to team managers Jean Baptiste and Robert as well as the veteran group of players.

The undefeated crew

The playoffs begin May 9th, 2018.