Breaking! E.B.I – Midweek team reach championship game.

Entourage Basketball Inc. Midweek-Team continued on their path to a perfect season this week by defeating DHL in the FastBreak League playoff semifinals.
The 76 – 69 victory vaults them into the Playoff Final for the second time since joining the league in 2014.
Finals opponent (ironically,same as in 2015), and current reigning champions, Schoolers, await the 9-0 E.B.I team in what promises to be a highly contested game seeing as they were without their topscorer and last season’s MVP when both teams last met: a blowout win for the men-in-green.

Team leader Robert challenging the shot by DHL’s Eli.

FastBreak Men’s League Spring 2018
Championship game
Entourage Basketball Inc (9-0) vs Schoolers (8-1)
Wednesday, May 16
9.15 PM @UWC-East, Tampines

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