Party on!

The weekend league team gathered shortly ago to give departing teammate (and prime sponsor) Mike a proper sendoff. Turned out other club mates wanted to say their goodbyes as well.

36 friends and family: quite the turnout

Current and former Entourage Basketball Inc. players showed up en force for the Saturday night BBQ.

Javi (and Alex) held the grills down all night.

With massive help from teammates, Alex, Javi and Aitor were always on-hand to man the grills, the evening progressed nicely and everyone reconvened at Mike’s for the After party :-)IMG-20180909-WA0001
A fun night and fitting going-away gift for the man who played a vital role, on and off the court, in establishing E.B.I as one of the best Basketball clubs in the country.

5 Titles in 6 seasons: you will be missed, Mikey!

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