Weekend team end year on a high note

E.B.I vs. United Nations: 58 – 37

Friendly Match series; Fall 2018
Thurs, Dec 6.
With the promising Crossover League awol this Fall, Entourage Basketball Inc’s weekend-league team fell back on home cooking to keep competitive spirits high.

Player-coach Dave reached out to multiple teams to secure games for his hungry squad, and the six games played between September and December gave the team opportunity to work on in-game adjustments. UWC’s Under-18 team, the Phoenix, coached by former E.B.I point-guard, Amir Boucenna, made up the bulk of the friendly matches. Other opponents were FastBreak League newcomers, team United Nations (2 games) and a disappointing near no-show by the SGBasketball (NBL) squad.

Starting with a loss against UN, E.B.I followed up with two close wins against the young Phoenix in September. The Phoenix then had a come-from-behind 3pt victory against an undermanned Entourage squad, the most thrilling game of the series. Last Thursday an 11-man squad, including two of the team’s newest players, Forwards Arno and Lukas, defeated team UN to finish the series with a 4-2 record.

E.B.I still runs intense, weekly practice sessions and the lessons from the friendly games were included in them.
2019 brings with it the hope for a new weekend-league season, rumours in Singapore’s small Basketball community are that the newest organisation in town, Run & Gun Basketball, might be open to start a men’s league at the brand new German European School Singapore’s campus.