Weekend-league Squad at work: Video.

Following a 70 – 79 season-opening loss to persistent rivals, Proform, E.B.I-Weekend league roster gathered in force last Thursday to iron out the kinks. Boasting what might be one of it’s strongest squads yet, the 14 guys took time to figure out the tactics as well as integrating newcomers to the team. Preseason numbers were low due to travel etc, so this full squad session was a necessity heading into Game 2 of the regular season.

The return of old reliables like combo-forward Josh and Shooting Guard Nourdin gives the team unprecedented depth at all positions. A necessary strength given the stronger level of competition in the Basketball Premier League this season.

Last season’s champs, Iguanas, might not even be among the top teams as new squads Titans and the Bois feature a mix of former Pro-Players and under-20 athletes with lots of athleticism. Newly formed Cut Gym looks like the team to beat early in the season though, easily winning their first two games by high double-digits. Singapore National Team players, former Slingers players and youth national team players fill out that roster: a challenge for sure.

Hosting what might be the strongest 8-Team league in the Country, BPL’s sophomore season promises to be quite the standout Basketball competition for Amateurs in Singapore.

E.B.I has the personnel, now they need the rhythm, chemistry and some luck to take the league by storm. Practice did help, seeing as the team dismissed their second opponent, Baraki (0-2) with an 86-50 thrashing last Sunday. Next opponent Titans (2-0), with former Slingers Center Kyle Jeffers and Supras Guard Spencer Templeton are not going to be a walk in the park compared to an undermanned Baraki team. Game on!

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