Light at the end of the (pandemic) tunnel?

Organised Basketball to resume in Singapore. BAS and Sport Singapore release advisory.

passing collage 1
Time to get the Ball flying again…

With the Country well into Phase 2 of the Re-opening plan, the Basketball Association of Singapore shared mandatory Guidelines to ensure organised Basketball can be safely resumed via a Vidconference-Call last night.

A return to the good old days of 5-on-5 action is still a long way off, but Clubs and coaches now have clear guidance on how to conduct Basketball sessions as of July 17th.

– Max 5 Players (+1 coach) per Halfcourt
– No team-mixing between Halfcourt groups or court-switching allowed.
– 3 meter safe Distance between both groups (markings will be placed on the court)
– Safe Distancing, travel check and all other Covid-19 mandated measures in place
– 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 Play is allowed BUT no “leaning” or excessive physical contact between players allowed.

Full regulations, including link for .pdf document can be found here

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