Departure of an E.B.I. Cornerstone

  • “Play together. Share the glory. No ‘i’ in team!”
    Team Sports seem simple, don’t they?
    Not quite. Every Basketball team has talented players, some can harness their gifts and hard work to stand out from their teammates. Others have a role to play, which can be even more vital to the collective’s success.

    Jean-Baptiste Lott is all of the above.

    Recruited in the Spring of 2016, JB, as he is known in the SG-Basketball community, a 6′ 8″ Basketball-fiend with Albatros-wingspan and a tireless motor instantly became a foundational Player on the Weekend League Squad.
    EntourageBBall Inc rode an unbeaten (14-0) season to win Season 2 of the Crossover League, the first of 3 consecutive Titles. Pulling double-duty as a team manager of the Bandits in the FastBreak League, he initiated the merger of the Bandits with E.B.I in 2017, and after a season and a half of mediocre results, led the Midweek-squad to their own Threepeat (and a 27-game win streak).

    The nature of Singapore-living is change. Expats rarely spend more than a few years here before transferring elsewhere. I’ve long accepted this and although it often saddens me to lose players after getting to know them, c’est la vie.
    JB and his lovely wife have moved away, taking the opportunity that knocked at their door. Can’t state it any other way: This farewell TRULY sucks.

    I’ve known him for 12 Years, initially as a teammate back in 2008, then an opponent during his IFS-stint, and got him back onboard when I accepted the team Manager role for the Club. He was more than just THE EntourageBBall-Player that opponents feared (oh they did, whenever he missed games or was late to assembly, coaches have asked “big guy not coming?” multiple times).

    Utterly reliable, calm under pressure and always willing to listen while easily being the cornerstone player on both our squads, J-Boom was unique. On and off the court. Plus he was always able to dampen my fiery coaching style with his calm but on-point takes, something I never thanked him for.

    Wish you all the success you deserve, JB. Keep BOOMING