Sneaker-Lore XII: Tim “Ace”

According to the Net’s most trusted kicks reviewer site,, we may be living in a golden age of performance Basketball shoes. Sneaker-Lore, our ongoing series, introduces current and past EntourageBBall players by highlighting their choices in high, low (or flat-out insane) tops.

Let’s dust this off and take it for a spin, shall we?
After a 2 year break, E.B.I’s Sneaker-Lore is back in full force, introducing  the current players and their preference in Footwear.

Tim aka “Takeover Timmy” has the honour of kickstarting the 2020 edition of Sneaker-Lore.

The experienced combo Guard joined EntourageBBall Inc. as part of the Bandits FastBreak-League roster that merged with E.B.I. 3 years ago. Establishing himself as one of the leaders on the Midweek Squad, Tim helped push the team to a trifecta of championship wins, all while staying true to himself: a slashing, 3-Point knockdown specialist who is never shy in vocalising his love of the game.

With E.B.I. since: 2017
#: 3
Play style: Veteran scoring guard with deceptively quick 1st step.
Pro mirror image: Chauncey Billups, with Reggie Miller’s showmanship

His kicks:CollageMaker_20200929_105644737-01

Notable endorsers: Yeahhhh, who else?D6kfJe0WkAAfRQW

One of the most thorough reviewers online,, tested the UA Curry 6 when it arrived on scene. Check out his analysis to see why Tim gleefully compares them to his fav tennis shoes.

Sneaker-Lore (and oncourt Club activities) will be ramping up as the Covid-19 Situation in Singapore is at a low point (for now). Stay tuned for more E.B.I Players and Kicks.