When Life (SaRS-cov-2) gives you lemons…

….well then pull yourself up by the laces, gather your clubmates and book the Country’s prime Basketball facility to run Fullcourt sessions (with only 5 players per court allowed).

Singapore has been out of the Circuit Breaker phase since July but the strict restrictions on Group Assembly during Phase 2 of the reopening limited Teamsports Activities. While most Entourage Basketball Inc . players were in-Country and some regularly played Streetball outdoors, the Club sessions took a while to resume.

It wasn’t until E.B.I-veteran Alejandro mentioned his regular indoor scrimmages with a small group of friends at the best Basketball facility in the City, that the spark was lit for Club leadership.
Pre-Covid , the three Basketball Courts at OCBC-Arena were nearly impossible to book by the members of the public: too popular. Last Fall though, because of the Group restrictions, evening Slots were readily available. And we took advantage of that.


October 14th, under the name “E.B.I-Skillz”, Players from both Teams, new recruits, and even 2 Junior players, ran the first of 11 straight weekly sessions at the Singapore Sportshub.

The Practice sessions, initially executed on 1 Court, proved increasingly popular, and by late November, E.B.I. was consistenly able to book all 3 available courts at the preferred timeslots, giving 15 players the chance to work on their game.

That was late 2020.
Now in the New Year, the combination of Phase 3 (and the increase to 8-Person assembly), Monsoon rain torrents and OCBC-Arena returning to it’s high demand status, adaptation is the name of the game for the Club as the team leaders, still unable to access their old courts at international schools, scramble to gain access to any of the increasingly rare indoor facilities in Singapore.

Pictures by James Koh. IG: @jameskxj