Entourage Basketball Inc. adapts to Singapore’s Phase 3 assembly laws, by launching a 4X4 Fullcourt Intraclub Competition. Time for some Spring Jammin’.

Resuming Basketball oncourt Basketball activities during an ongoing, debilitating Pandemic is no small feat. EntourageBBall Inc., propelled by it’s tireless GM, Dave, successfully restarted Practice last October, while simultaneously incorporating 6 new Players. The ease of Booking OCBC-Arena, Singapore’s premier Indoor Sports Venue, aided in the Club enjoying 3 Months of uninterrupted Practice.

Adaptation was the name of the game. Phase 2 Re-opening rules only allowed Five Players per Halfcourt, so as our numbers rose, so did the number of Courts we booked. It all culminated in E.B.I. utilising the entire Basketball Hall, 3 Courts, of the Arena during the Month of December.

Once the Group Assembly restrictions were loosened for Phases 3, the writing was on the Wall: OCBC-Arena wouldn’t be that easily accessed again.
Pivoting to one of the few Schools that allowed Outsiders on-Premises, E.B.I was yet again able to secure long-term Court Space. Teammates Chi and Simone were pivotal in letting Club managers know about the availability at ACS-Barker Road.

One issue remained: what were all the Practice sessions leading up to?

Though very well attended, our tough sessions have historically been utilised for 2 things: League Prep and Tryouts for Player candidates. By January there were no leagues in sight and we already had a 28-man Club roster to motivate. FastBreak Men’s League brought some hope by late January, inviting us to join their 4X4 League relaunch, but those dreams were squashed early as UWC-Tampines temporarily rescinded access to Campus before CNY. Now what?

We had a Court.
We have the Players.
Yet again: Time to adapt.
Introducing the First Ever Intraclub League organised by EntourageBBall Inc: SPRING JAM 2021.

Adhering to Country and School CoVid-Rules, the inaugural 4X4 Fullcourt Competition launched with the Goal of maintaining our Players’ competitive edge, while also building Team-Spirit. Four Teams, staffed with all available E.B.I-Players, battling it out for Bragging Rights. In another First for the Club, the Squads all had their own Names and matching Identities, reinforced by Logos commissioned by the Club.

With balanced rosters and a healthy mix of E.B.I Vets and Rookies, the Games have been a blast. Six regular Season games to be played, leading into the Playoff Final-4 and a Championship Game, original Plan was for Two 15-Minute halves but that has been revised to 4 Quarters.
League Tipped-off February 25th and well… see for yourself

Such is the need for competive Basketball in the City now, Leagues shut down March 2020, that word has spread of our runs, leading to Players and some coaches asking to join in. But Spring Jam ’21 remains an E.B.I. Club event, the current Covid-Laws in Singapore dictate our approach and we will not violate them.

Now in Week 4 of the Competition and satisfying as the whole Event has been, there is one main challenge: Injuries. There are nearly as many injured (or unavailable) E.B.I, Players as there are active ones. Luckily new Players, and some returning ones, are seeking to join in on the action. Never a dull season for Entourage Basketball Inc.

Week 4 Standings