The Body mechanic holds court

One negative aspect of our recently completed intraclub 4×4 League, was the increased rate of injuries. Resuming Fullcourt Play after 11 Months away from that level of Competition was bound to increase stress on E.B.I – Players’ bodies. Yet the sheer amount of injuries threatened to derail the Tournament in the early going.

The greatest hits this Year involved sprained ankles, Hamstrings and calf injuries. Luckily being one of the few Fullcourt Basketball contests during Phase 3 of Singapore’s re-opening meant there was no shortage of Players, Clubmates and recruits alike, interested in joining in. Spring Jam 2021 hummed along like a well oiled engine.

Enter Albert Truong, certified Physiotherapist, who till then had succesfully treated Nine E.B.I. Players, to further tune the Car.

Truong (IG: @athosperformance) graciously took time out of his busy schedule to run two pre-Game workshops prior to Round 6 of Spring Jam 2021. His impecabble credentials and track record guaranteed him a rapt Audience as all 4 EntourageBBall Squads ran through his guided Warmup and stretching routine.

The eye-opening session left a lasting impression; the players were seen utilising elements of the routine throughout the rest of the regular season and Playoff Games.