For the Love of the Game.

Legend has it that during his Bulls stint, Michael Jeffrey Jordan used to have a special clause in his contracts: the “For the Love of the Game” clause. This stipulated that he could play Basketball wherever and whenever he wanted and the Bulls’ mangagement could not stop him from doing so.

Not too farfetched a concept, seeing how our Entourage Basketball Inc. Club has handled most obstacles thrown at us by the Covid Pandemic, and the resulting restrictive measures, yet kept on ticking. The last two years have been equal measure challenging and rewarding: familiar faces have left Singapore, new ones have joined E.B.I. and are thriving.

Between all Sports activities cancelled during the lockd…, i mean Circuit Breaker, back in March 2020, to the roller-coaster ride of relaxing then tightening restrictions that has followed, we’ve managed to emerge unscathed as a Club.

E.B.I. activity since the scourge of CoVid was unleashed.

One of the highlights of the Club’s 14 Year History also occurred during the Pandemic, Spring Jam ’21. The first ever club-internal Tournament was extremely well received by the active and part-time roster, with the quality of 4×4 Fullcourt Basketball improving every Week culminating in the high octane Finals Day at Shotzone Singapore.

The weekly practice sessions, introduced late 2015, have become our rallying point, and key to our past and present success. With a few exceptions, practice has been continuosly held since the lockd…, i mean Circuit Breaker, ended. Losing our access to our usual Courts at the international Schools was disappointing at first, but the Club has since been able to find alternate high level facilities the last 2 years. (would’nt mind returning to that crisp airconditioning at Junior Sports Hall though 🙂 )

Feb. 3 Practice, 19 Players: First taste of fullcourt drills in 8 months

Limited to 5 Players per halfcourt, yet having 22 players on the active roster did initially pose some challenges, but E.B.I. Headcoach Dave proved yet again up to the task of organising and running Practice. The 30-Year Basketball veteran has guided the Club through the ongoing hurdles with a steady hand and plenty of savvy maneuvering.

In addition to consistent Basketball sessions, the Club has also been able to expand it’s ‘Portfolio’ by deepening ties with Athos Performance, the Physiotherapy and Athletic Development Brand recently launched by longtime E.B.I. PT, Albert Truong.

Last month, Albert, who has successfully treated nine to ten E.B.I. Players over the years, even debuted a personalised Group Workout for up to 6 of our guys, labeled the Basketball Development Program. The 12-Week BDP aims to prepare the Players for the rigors of League games, which might make a comeback later this Year.

Recently, restrictions on Sports were being relaxed and we are ramping up to resume competive Basketball, easing into it this Month with a 4-Game Series of Friendly matches against UWC-Dover’s Phoenix Basketball Club.

All practice Snapshots below by James Koh.
IG @jameskxj