Practice Court unavailable this Month? Time to relocate.

The Club’s Players, consistently active since October 2020, the Covid Restrictions being not more than a necessary hiccup on our quest to reach Basketball Nirvana, have been fortunate to run weekly indoor sessions on good courts all Year long.

With a long-term Agreement in place, ACS-Barker Road became our regular Practice venue, Sauna-like conditions be damned, and dozens of E.B.I Hoop-Heads  from the active and part-time rosters, have regularly attended sessions there. The Fall 2022 School exams meant that the Sports Hall at ACS-Barker Rd. was unavailable for 6 weeks,  leading to an urgent search for a backup venue.

August 2022: Ronnie, Jay & Bobby competing @ACS-Barker Road.

Our old stomping Grounds at UWC-Dover Road are currently not available for outsider Bookings, and the various Active SG indoor venues cannot be had in a long-term capacity.

Additionally, by September, League play was back in full effect. BPL, FastBreak League and a resurgent Jammers Weekend League had competitive Basketball to offer 4 Nights  a week at some of the best International School Courts in the Country.  Singapore’s local League, the NBL was also active last Month at the BAS Court at Aljunied. This, for a while, led to some of our least attended Practice sessions in E.B.I-History, as some of our active roster players were competing in Division 1 of the local League while others were pulling double duty on different Teams in the Jammers Weekend league.

Luckily OCBC-Arena was still a semi-reliable Fallback option, so this Month has seen us take advantage of available Booking slots at the Country’s World Class level Indoor facility to improve our tactics and Team chemistry. The turnout has been fantastic, 13 Players on average attending, with the Scrimmage portion of practice being the highlight.

October 18, 2022:
MC, Bennet, Aitor & Christian at the Arena.

Entourage Basketball Inc. has also received increased interest from new Players this Fall, leading to us add four candidates to fill out our ranks. Brothers Julian and Christian bring experience and scoring to our Backcourt crew, while Small Forward Max has already established his defensive chops during our Friendly Games against UWC-Dover’s Varsity Team.  Finally Point Guard Yong Jie joined us last Month, hoping to regain his dormant fire for Team Basketball on one of our Teams.

All Pictures by James Koh. (@jameskxj on IG)