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ENTOURAGE BBALL cruise to 79 – 59 win in season opener

Jammers Int. Weekend League, Season 12
Game 1, 28.11.15


Opening night of the Jammers League season saw the return of the IFS Vikings to league play and the introduction of Entourage Bball’s new team uniforms and roster additons.

IFS, normally a stacked opponent, were undermanned, having only 6 players at their disposal. Entourage on the other hand had a full team to count on. New additions at Point Guard (Chi) and Small Forward (Dave K.) were on hand as well as most of last season’s champions.

Entourage BBALL 2015/16 Team
Defending Champs, Entourage Bball 2015/16.
From left: Chi, Sinan, Terence, Dave, Ronnie, Tony, Tolga, Sébastien, Mark, Dave K, Alex & Evan

The dreaded Saturday night 7pm timeslot proved to be no obstacle for Team Entourage who got off to a flying start against their old rivals. Crisp passing and solid scoring saw Entourage open up an 11-5 lead early in the first quarter.
The starting unit of Evan, Terence, Ronnie, Séb and Tony played strong defense, giving IFS only one-shot possessions by dominating the defensive glass.

Evan hustle - gif
Evan: hustling and bustling

It was the 2nd rotation guys who played with a much needed burst of energy though, entering the game midway through the 1st quarter and pulling away from their opponents with fastbreak points, timely 3 point shots and active hands on D.

Tolga putback - gif
Tolga with the up & under putback

Apart from a short stretch in the 2nd quarter, the Vikings never climbed out of the 10-15 point hole they dug themselves into. Over-reliant on outside shooting and constantly hounded by their opponent’s man-to-man defense, IFS were overwhelmed by the 3rd Quarter.

Transition T-R-T
Transition passing: T-Rex to Ronnie to Tony

Post-game, team coach Dave emphasised the need to take better care of the ball; turnovers were a problem all game long, and to keep a level head after the 20-point blowout win. The undermanned opposing team was not a good measuring stick to gauge Entourage Bball Inc’s current form, but there were lots of positive signs in this season premiere.

Performance rating

Backcourt dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Lapses on offense, weak finishing at the rim and turnover-prone in 1st half.
Good defensive pressure on opposing guards, lots of steals, deflections and blocks
Standout players: Mark, Chi, Evan

Frontcourt dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Excellent rebounding, good play-making and passing. “One and done” defensive mentality.
Unfocused ball catching on Offense, need more scoring from the big crew.
Standout players: Tolga, Dave K, Tony

Overall dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138dc34546c84e753f093e7fcc9b4f7d138
Solid performance by the team with subpar scoring/converting at the rim. Great poise during opponents 2nd quarter run. Bench mob was the MVP of this game.
Standout players: Tolga and Chi


New Season Alert! Jammers League commences

Nearly 5 months after winning Season 11 of the Jammers International Weekend league, Entourage BBALL Inc. players finally get their chance at defending the title.
Negotiatons with the League had been mired in quicksand for a while and lack of transparency nearly saw the team move to a newly started Basketball League next January .
But managers Evan and Sébastien were able to reach an agreement with Jammers League; the season was saved.
Entourage Bball will kick off their season by facing old adversary IFS Vikings at UWC Dover Road next Saturday, Nov. 28th.

League Schedule November 2015

Pre-season opens with a loss to Team Kelekonas

Entourage Basketball Inc. was invited by Jammers league to participate in a pre-season friendly last weekend. It was a welcome opportunity to get some needed playing time amidst the ongoing haze saga in S’pore. The league still has not set a start date for Season 12, scheduling problems have been steadily increasing in scope the last few seasons, the friendly was a good compromise to get things rolling.

Unable to field a full roster, 7 players were available at such short notice, Entourage faced Team Kelekonas, a japanese expat team known for excellent shooting and feisty man-to-man defense.

Team Kelekonas: never contend yet never an easy opponent

Though pysically imposing compared to their opponents, Entourage Bbball’s players showed heavy signs of rust, missing easy layups and turning the ball over multiple times.
Kelekonas moved the ball well, and made shots at their usual high percentage clip.

One bright spot for the the green & orange was the play of “T-Rex” Terrence who shot 3-4 from beyond the arc and had multiple successful drives to the basket. Other players on the team seemed sluggish and also had to contend with a very slippery floor at the Queensway SC venue.

T-Rex going hard to the hoop

The 12 point loss was a good indicator of the team’s current preseason form: a work in progress.


Spring 2015 Season recap: how the championship was won

Team Entourage went through a rough transition before the Jammers International Weekend League (Season 11) began early 2015. Coming off a disappointing playoff quarterfinal loss to the IFS Vikings, a low point in the team’s season; only 6 players were available to play, former coach Sergei decided to leave for greener pastures. He had led the team to 2 playoff finals and 6 consecutive winning seasons, highlighted by an unbeaten record (14-0) in 2012, but the title stayed just out of reach.

Sergei coaching: 2014
Coach Sergei: Jammers League Nov. 2014

The league also had to deal with the start of ProAm – SBL’s sophomore season, an exciting semi-pro league drawing the best local and expat players in. This led to only 7 teams committing to Season 11 of the Jammers International weekend league.

Entourage Basketball was in danger of not fielding a team, but player/coach Dave, pulling double duty as a player in ProAm-SBL and coaching Entourage’s team, managed to keep the team together.
Team founder and Point Guard Evan returned to the roster and veteran forwards Tolga and JJ plus long-time injured center Eric all committed to the team. Shooting Guard Mark also found his way back after recovering from knee surgery. A pleasant surprise was 2012 teammate Ronnie making his comeback. Returning from the previous season were big man Tony, combo guards Terrence and Sam and young forward Alex.

On paper, the team was stacked, intelligent, experienced players at all positions. As always in amateur basketball, players kept recruiting and inviting players to try out for the team. Guards Sinan and Sujith joined shortly before the season kicked off.

Team Entourage lost the first game of the season against White Heat, a new addition to the league, then proceeded to stumble through the early part of the season. Player availability was lacking, the team had not prepared in the pre-season.By April, Entourage had pulled off a 4 game winning streak, beating old rivals Jammers, WG Sonics, Kelekonas and newcomers SlamJam.

Changes were made in the roster, Sam left for the Sonics, Tolga and Sinan were unavailable for long stretches. Additional players joined to supplement the roster; big man Daniel and SG Andrew, who had played for the team in 2014.

Jammers League had trouble with court availability resulting in multiple week-long hiatus for the team, the longest lasting 5 weeks. Coach Dave insisted on weekly practice sessions to keep the team in rhythm; this proved crucial for team chemistry. A win against team White Heat secured a playoff position, the team then lost a nail-biter to WG Sonics to end the regular season with a 7 – 5 record. (Jammers League Regular Season standings June ’15)

4 teams qualified for the playoffs (Jammers, Victoria’s Secret, WG Sonics and Entourage BBall), the format was 1 game, instant elimination. Entourage in 4th position faced the league leading Sonics in the semifinals: it turned into a classic.

Séb challenging Tuan of the Sonics
Séb challenging Tuan of the Sonics

In a highly contested, fiery game, both teams (regular season head-to-head matchup, 1:1) had multiple lead changes. The Sonics had a few national team players on their side but Entourage Basketball also had a full roster, JJ fresh off his championship run with the Falcons in the ProAM-SBL and Dave back in uniform. Entourage won the game on a halfcourt buzzer beating 3 by Evan: culmination of a fantastic individual game by the team’s captain and main ballhandler.

Another 2 week break resulted in the Finals being postponed then re-scheduled multiple times. Sadly the opposing team, VS, could or would not accept the league’s proposed finals date and lost the Championship by forfeit.

An unsatisfactory ending to the season led to the team’s first trophy after joining the Jammers league 3 years ago. Entourage Basketball overcame a rocky start, came together as a team and as a result, played attractive basketball. It remains to be seen if the squad can catch lightning in a bottle two seasons in a row as they prepare for season 12, beginning September ’15.

Left to right: JJ, Sébastien, Ronnie, Sujith, Eric, Evan (and Teddy :-), Daniel, Dave, Terrence, Mark.
Rest of the team: Alex, Tolga, Sinan, Andrew and Tony

New season slated to start mid-September

The Entourage Basketball roster has been practicing in anticipation of the upcoming Jammers International Weekend League. Winning the championship in July does not guarantee success as Season 12 promises to be a strong one with more teams seemingly involved in the competition.

Mainstays such as shooting guard extraordinaire Andrew and veteran center Eric have moved abroad, local PG Sam to a rival team. Entourage Managers Evan and Séb have done a solid job recruiting players at PG, PF and SF, now it’s up to player/coach Dave to get everyone back on the same page.

A major factor in teams’ rosters will be the start of the ProAm SBL league, a semi-pro league that had an exciting 2nd season earlier this year. Big budgets guarantee the influx of talented players from around the world but local players also contribute to the teams. Last season’s SBL champ, Falcons, relied on a trio of american players supplemented by strong local talent.

Pro AM SBL league is stated to begin December 2015 and teams are already jockeying for position in securing the best players from in and around Singapore.
Stay tuned for more media, info etc. about Entourage BBALL’s pre-season preparations